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“Perfection consists not in doing extraordinary things, but in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.”

Noire is, on the surface, a somewhat minor goddess, holding several meagre offices in the Bureau of Humanity, and an oft ignored position in the Bureau of Heaven. Yet she sits on the council of twelve. Yet her wealth grows unbridled with each passing year. Yet her followers become more and more prevalent with each fleeting season. Slowly but steadily she erodes support from Anzo, Lilac, even the likes of Davy, Aquila, and Bagheera.

“Free from desire you discover peace, imprisoned by ambition you shall only know suffering.”- Noirian Mantra
Noire is a relatively young goddess, and different accounts place her as mortal up to as recently as the age of heroes. Though given her seat on the council of 12 it is more likely that she was deity during the Teotl War.

While a mortal would account De’Noire incredibly beautiful, she is often described as unadorned before other goddesses of her own rank. She is recorded as having a blueish tint to her hair, perhaps tying her mortal life to the Southlands or great Kesh, though her features are always covered by a plain mask. The Levian Chronicler Lester Matteson described her as “petite” in his great tome “the Gods of the New Order”, and mentioned her habit of fading to the background around other gods.

Noire and the New Order:
Noire is one of the most dedicated gods to the unity of the New Order, and is often reported working alongside other deities. Yet despite her willingness to cooperate the Noire Way has taken large numbers of followers from other flocks over the centuries, and creating the bound goddess numerous enemies in the halls of Heaven.

Races of the New Order
Halflings, Serpentfolk, and Dwarves: All of these races have cultures that lean toward finding pleasure in simple things. A Halfling farmer… is happy being a Halfling farmer. A dwarven miner is happy being a miner. This attitude is a fertile landscape for Noirian worship.
Men: Men have the seed of ambition in their heart… yet most human societies are somewhat rigged. Those born high tend to stay there, while those born low tend to stay there. A vast majority of human societies lack a large degree of social maneuverability. Which in turn provides a large body of people stuck at the bottom who can find solace in the Noir Way.
Goblins and Orcs: Unlike Humans, Goblins and Orcs tend to create genuine meritocracies. While one would think worship of Noire would suffer in these cultures, it should be remembered that each ship has only 1 captain. Goblins and Orcs who openly worship Noire often face slight ridicule from their peers for not trying to advance up the social ladder… but the Bearer of Chains has a surprisingly large following in both races, and Noire tends to be more highly regarded than the human centric Anzoism.
Elves: Elves find Noire-ism somewhat odd. While they tend to be fond of the ‘live in the moment’ ideas, they find the concept of staying in the moment forever stifling. Given the comparative scarcity of elves and their general live and let live attitude this has rarely been a problem for Noirian sects.

Peasants at War:
“A thousand fibers connect each of us with our fellows and along those fibers our deeds run as causes which come back to us as effects.”
Alone among the throngs of gods of war, battle, and combat, Noire is the Goddess and patron of those who have no particular desire to be on the battlefield. From the innocent victims standing by, the peasants who starve in a siege, the conscripts and serfs dragooned into fighting, gladiators thrust into battles for the amusement of others… even the loyal aide de camps that followed their masters to battle.
Noire teachings do not demand skill at arms, or reckless courage, or victory, instead they merely provide a comforting “do your best,” and the knowledge that if you die having done that Noire will acknowledge your efforts. While the philosophy may get her sneered at by more combatant centric war gods… it has made her very popular mortals.

The Goddess of Chains and Fields:
“Do not ask your children to strive for extraordinary lives. Such striving may seem admirable but it’s a way of foolishness. Help them instead to find wonder in ordinary life. Show them the joy of a task well done, of waking to see the sunrise. Make the ordinary come alive for them.” –Noire

Noire is sometimes called the goddess of slaves. This is true. She is a goddess of slaves… and peasants, and serfs, and all who toil in the world under the eyes of kings, warlords, and generals. Noire is a goddess of the moment, of learning to enjoy what you have instead of worrying about what could be.
Noire-ism is about being at peace with what is, and when someone chooses to struggle it is a sadness, something to be pitied… and to more extremist sects something to be stopped. But such sects are a minority, and most followers of Noire regard violent enforcement of Dogma as more befitting Luxian or Anzoite followers.

“It does not do well to dream and forget to live.”

Artifacts of Legend:
10,000 Steps: A mythic set of shoes that allow Noire to split herself into many separate avatars.


Name: Noire
XP: 796
Divine Rank: 16

Strength 6XXXXXX, Dexterity 7XXXXXXX, Stamina 8XXXXXXXX
Charisma 5XXXXX, Manipulation 10XXXXXXXXX, Appearance 4XXXX
Perception 5XXXXX, Intelligence 8XXXXXXXX, Wits 3XXX

Skills: Academics 1, Animal Ken 1, Art (Architecture 2, Culinary 3, Engineering 2, Metalsmithing 2, Modern, Performance Art 2, Stonework 2, Textiles 3, Visual Art 2, Woodwork 2), Athletics 5, Awareness 1, Brawl 1, Command 1, Control 1, Empathy 3, Fortitude 5, Integrity 8, Investigation 1, Larceny 1, Marksmanship 1, Medicine, Melee 5, Occult, Politics 1, Presence 1, Stealth 5, Survival, Thrown

Boons: Guardian 7X, Justice Avatar, War 7X

Virtues: Courage 2, Expression 3, Harmony 5, Order 4

Noir 2.0

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