Demigods of the New Order by Bureau

While the Greater Gods of the New Order are wide enough in scope to cover a range of concepts and domains, the New Order is full of lesser gods who are often more directly involved with 2nd earth. Rather than tackle each of the hundreds of little gods, it is often easier to think of them by their place in the heavenly bureaucracy.

For convenience it is easier to think of these spirits as Demi-Gods instead of full divinities.

The Gods of Humanity (Custodians)
• City Fathers and Mothers
The Gods of Nature (Preservers)
• Ladies of Water
• Lords of the Forest
• The Great Herd
The Gods of Calamity (Scourges)
• Disaster- Earthquakes, Volcano
• Tragedy- Murder, Misfortune
The Gods of Dream (Heralds)
• Shoal Gods
• Death Gods
The Gods of Heaven (Seneschals)
• The Gods of Universal and Abstract


The Custodians are the gods most closely tied to mortals. Most are the deities of mortal constructions, weapons, cities, roads, tools, but some are the gods of more abstract concepts like money, justice, or music. To the people of 2nd Earth the most relevant and visible of these gods are the City Fathers and Mothers who embody both cities and even nations, advocating for their people in the courts of heaven.
Name: Custodians, Gods of Souled Races
Appearance: The most mortal of deities Custodians often emulate mortals in appearance. Though some few take a very abstract form.
On 2nd earth: Custodians (souled Races) tend to be richer than their counterparts. Especially City Fathers. Very visible and charged with divine stewardship of the souled races in their realm these gods draw a plethora of worship. Many even have holidays or feast days in their name. Some have more than one. Few gods are as beloved by mortals as the Custodians.
In Heaven: While Custodians are rich, it’s often a risky line of work for a deity. One good plague and ‘snap’ bankrupt and possibly unemployed. Mortals are both frail and fickle, and many things can cause them to abandon their homes or cities.


Preservers are three distinct groups. The Forest Kings, the Ladies Aqua, and the Great Herd.
The Great Herd are the patron gods of Animals. Usually each god is the patron of a certain species or family of animals. Like all preservers the Great Herd are often more concerned with protecting their totem animal than working with the souled races. Yet many communities can learn to deal with Preservers, especially as long as they do so in moderation.
Appearance: Gods of the Greatherd often take a form mixing humanoid and features from their spirit animal. While Forest Kings (who may be mountain gods, deserts, swamps, badlands, plains, etc) take features of their environ. The Ladies Aqua (From Ocean to puddle) seem happier in more humanoid forms.
On 2nd earth: Many nomadic tribes or small settlements claim a member of the great herd as their patron, and take to venerating their chosen animal. Forest Kings occasionally draw worship from huntsmen, lumberjacks, or barbarians and such. The Ladies Aqua are widely beloved by sailors and fishermen.
In Heaven: Preservers hold an odd spot in the heavenly halls. They lack the prestige of heaven, the power of calamity, the security of dream, or the wealth of humanity… yet rarely have any of the drawbacks other bureaus suffer. They have greater job security than the bureau of humanity, more wealth than heaven or dream, and rarely face the kind of censure that the office of calamity finds itself in.
Head: Lilac is the first of the Great Heard. Greenbeard is the 1st of the Forrest Kings. Dolphin 1st of the Lady’s Aqua. Currently Lilac heads the Bureau.


Scourges are gods of strong weather, storms, winter, volcanos, earthquakes, and drought. They are gods of esoteric problems, plague, bad luck, and unexpected difficulties. They are gods of tragedy, murder, and the hole in your pocket.
Name: Scourges, Gods of Calamity
Appearance: Theatrical in the extreme the gods of calamity often take exaggerated forms, usually tied to the elements or some aspect of their character.
On 2nd earth: Powerful deities of destruction, misfortune, and tragedy the Gods of Calamity are appeased, not beloved. Yet mortals often go to great lengths to… divert their attentions.
In Heaven: Gods of Calamity are… well… tolerated by their peers. Especially by the bureau of humanity. Too much attention by the gods of calamity can ruin kingdoms or entire regions… ergo the Preservers and Custodians occasionally make a charitable donation at a party hosted by a Scourge, politely implying that if their city or forest is laid to waste they may not be able to do so again. Naturally the Office of Censors monitors the Scourges closely and more Scourges have been brought before the throne to face charges of corruption than members of any other group.
Head: Aquila is the Head of the Office of Calamity.

Name: Heralds, Gods of Dream
Appearance: Gods of Dream often flaunt bizarre appearances, some frightening, some exotic, some absolutely absurd.
On 2nd earth: The gods of Dream are somewhat…esoteric. Not that they aren’t worshipped, just that very few have particularly large cults. There’s a reason they collect a toll from the dead… they need the money.
In Heaven: The Bureau of Dream looks after its own. The Job security is fantastic and the work often easy and enjoyable. The paycheck is lackluster though, and there are few opportunities to increase mortal attention. Dream is often considered the least of the 5 Bureaus by the spirits of Heaven.


Seneschals are the gods of heaven. As a rule of thumb seneschals can be divided into two broad groups. Deities of universal concepts, such as time, gravity, war, secrets, flight, fate and then the gods responsible for enforcing the laws of heaven on other deities and managing the celestial city. Niklaus, the celestial censors, Khaz Anor, the seven heavenly ambassadors, the twelve governors divine, and the ceremonial court of temporal realignment.
Appearance: Often formal in the extreme, the gods of heaven cling to ceremony and few dare appear without the full regalia of their position in carefully crafted forms that bare no blemish or flaw.
On 2nd Earth: Due to their nature, many of the Gods of Heaven have less interaction with mortal races than deities of other bureaus. Further the immutable nature of many of the offices often makes them seem particularly distant to most mortals. (A mortal who prays hard enough to a river goddess may prevent a flood, but praying to a god of gravity is unlikely to result in any visible effects).
In Heaven: The Seneschals are the first children of heaven, the most prestigious gods. In all ceremonies they gain precedence before similarly ranked gods of lesser stations. Many have offices in the very palace of Kumo Kaminari herself… yet, because of their distance from 2nd Earth many of the Seneschals are far poorer than many of their peers.

Demigods of the New Order by Bureau

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