Generating Population

Generating population centers-
Step 1

First choose the size of the largest population center in the region.

1) Tiny Village or Farm community. 30-120 Population.
2) Typical Village. 120-400 Population.
3) Small Town. 400-1200.
4) Medium Town. 1200-5000.
5) Large Town. 5000-12,000
6) Small City. 12,000-20,000
7) Medium City. 20,000-35,000
8) Large City. 35,000-60,000
9) Metropolis. 60,000-100,000
10) Megacity! 100,000 plus.

(Note: The Above population centers use the most common name for a gathering of that size… however some races or cultures use different terms- For instance a goblin population center of 1-4 usually doesn’t refer to a city but rather a collection of ships and crews that are more or less permanent residents of that area. Orcs often replace the terms village or Town with warcamp or camp.

Note 2: These population numbers are the typical spread in North America and South America- in the Azlanti or Azoth lands half the numbers for each level of population.

Next Step
Note Three building a Region-

Population centers don’t exist in a vacuum, your population center immediately generates D3 population centers of the level just below it. For instance-

The Kingdom of Orlensund is a rather small Kingdom (only 2 Regions)-

The first Region is along the Inner Sea, and makes up much of the coastline. It’s largest population center is Obion a Large city (Step 8). This Region also has 1 Medium City, 2 Small Cities, 6 Large Towns, 9 Medium Towns, 23 Small Towns, 42 Villages, and 71 Tiny Villages. Giving the Region a rough population of 230,000 thousand or so.

The second region is more desolate, with haunted valleys and dark forests, and is much more sparsely populated. A small city is the largest population center. It also has 1 Large town, 1 Medium Town, 1 Small Town, 2 Villages, 3 Tiny Villages. A total population of around 27,000.

Giving the Country a small population of only 260,000 or so.

Generating Population

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