Goblins 2

The goblin race both is and is not a unified nation. This is but the first vexing contradiction one must grasp when trying to understand goblinoids. There are many more. The “government” can best be defined as a neoliberal oligarchy unofficially lead by several dozen ultra-rich families, who consistently make up the leadership of the goblin fleets, corporations, and port cities.
Goblins are not the only race that is comfortable away from land, but of all the races who readily travel the oceans and seas only goblins are just as adept at dealing with people on land. Mostly goblins are known across the world for their amoral business practices, their willingness and ability to deal with everybody, and their naval prowess.
The goblin fleets, ports, and corporations are effectively owned by a small handful of exceptionally rich goblin families, creating a lopsided balance of wealth that the greediest orc warlord could never hope to get away with. Yet most goblins are okay with it. In fact, most goblins find more equitable or fair forms of governance to be…wrong. Goblins believe that wealth comes down to individual talent, skill, and willingness to take risks. Yes, having a rich family helps, but a rich uncle can only carry you so far. Most goblins even go so far as to scoff at members of other races or nations who rely on their governments for charity and military protection. Of course, while it is possible for a goblin to rise from the bottom to the soaring heights, it is far less likely than the average goblin swabbing a deck believes. As it turns out, members of the ultra-rich goblin elite are far more likely to welcome up and coming goblins with assassins instead of polite applause.

For Goblins Technology is all about their ships, and how their vessels deal with local environment. “Speed, Maneuverability, Firepower, Survivability, Cargo Capacity… pick two.” A ship can only do so much, so it must be built very precisely. Goblins are renowned inventors, not because of any natural brilliance, but rather from a strange mix of greed, desperation, and a willingness to take the kind of risks that more sane individuals would flinch at. While many of their projects do fail or self-destruct, the ones that succeed have changed the world.


Officially there isn’t a goblin military. Unofficially, if you count all the privateers, pirates, mercenaries, who either are goblin, owned by goblins, or are consistently hired by goblins, they may have one of the largest military forces on second Earth. Of course, its scattered across the planet, drastically limiting how much can be brought to bear on any given conflict.
In addition to its sheer size, the Goblin military is without doubt the most egalitarian force in creation. The goblin military is a private one, and reflects whatever forces can either be hired locally or brought to the engagement area. With Azlanti cavalrymen serving alongside dwarven infantry advised by serpentfolk wizards who are protected by Midlander sellswords, all backed by any reaver fleets available.
Despite its versatility problems persist. The Neo-liberal goblin corporations and ships can’t draft, impress, or command their fellows to the battlefield. And even though any goblin organization is headed by a despot, assassination and mutiny are only one unpopular command away. Not to mention that while mercenaries are always willing to kill for money, they’re often quick to disappear when things begin to go poorly. Goblins naturally prefer their wars and battles to be short overwhelming offensives, hopefully ripe with profit at the end.


Marriage, Sex, Children, Family
In many ways goblin families are incredibly similar to human ones. They have a man, a woman, and children. Like humans, goblins are often emotionally quite close to their spouses and are heavily invested in their children.
The great divide is the goblin… condition… that causes them to shift genders over time to keep the local population in balance. Studies have shown that personality seems to have little or no influence on who changes, though in long term couples one partner always seems to be a man and the other a woman.
While children are encouraged to join the family business, they do not have to, and many choose to go their own way.

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Goblins 2

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