Serpentfolk Names

Serpentfolk names are long and complicated, but that’s only at first glance. Lets break them down into sections.

Lets take: The Most Imperial Grand Marshal of the Celestial Descendant Court, Lady Farsight, Firstblood, Falconstrike, of the 713th Spawning of Rathess and break her name down into its components.

First: First in a Serpentfolk’s name is their Caste, probably with an elaboration or embellishment.

Lady Farsight is an Imperial Serpent, So with proper embellishment her name translates as The Most Imperial: Other possible variations would be The Imperial Serpent, The Blue Serpent, The True Imperial, etc.

Second: The second part, if applicable, is rank, position, or job title.

Lady Farsight is a Grand Marshal : Captain, Minstrel, Chef, Acolyte, Priest, Guardsman, Trooper, Secretary, Merchant, etc.

Third: Is the Court (sometimes poorly translated as Kingdom or Empire) that the Serpentfolk belongs too.
The three largest kingdoms of Serpentfolk are

  • The Celestial Descendant Court
  • The Lapis Ellipse Ascending Court
  • The New Pearl Tidal Court

Fourth While not used in their own language, when translating their names Serpentfolk tend to add a gender to make other races feel at ease. Note: This piece of the name is absent when translating into Goblin. While Serpentfolk have 12 genders, they almost always simply pick a variation of Male or Female, based on whether their upper body looks more like a human male or female.

Lady Farsight’s upper body resembles a human female, so she uses Lady, other possible variations would be, any female noble title, Countess, Duchess, Female. Sometimes self depreciating titles are used; Wench, Broad. Gender neutral pronouns or titles are also acceptable, though much rarer.

Fifth- Are earned names and what other races call epitaphs. Kingslayer, Farstrike, the Bold, Applecutter, Moneymaker, Ever-Dancer.

Sixth- Because of their unique mating habits, Serpentfolk tend to lay their eggs all together in a year, and all the eggs tend to hatch together in an event called a Spawning. The 6th part of their names refers to the city where they were born, and the # of the spawning from that city that they hatched from.

Lady Farsight was born in the 713th Spawning in the City of Rathess. So she adds “of the 713th Spawning of Rathess.”

New Character:
Travis wants to create a Serpentfolk character. He decides he wants to play a Serpentfolk Textile Merchant who is actually a deep cover spy and agent for her Court.

  1. After perusing the Castes for an appropriate one, he selects a Luminary.
  2. The second part of the characters name is their job, so while the character is a spy they use the merchant occupation in their name.
  3. Wanting somewhere far away as the home country, Travis chooses The Lapis Ellipse Ascending Court as his character’s nation.
  4. The Fourth is Gender. Travis wants something subtle yet professional for the character’s name, so settles on Mistress, and a female appearance.
  5. The Serpentfolk is a young one, so hasn’t earned a deed name yet.
  6. Travis only needs to invent a city and spawning year. He wanted to be from a smaller, younger city, so created a name Karess, and a D20 roll gives me 9th spawning.

So the new character is named The Luminary Silk Trader of the Lapis Ellipse Ascending Court, Mistress of the 9th Spawning of Karess. Deciding her name needs slight embellishment if she wants to be taken seriously, it becomes The Brilliant Luminary Sapphire Silk Trader of the Lapis Ellipse Ascending Court, Mistress of the 9th Spawning of Karess

Possibly short names or nicknames would be: Luminary, Mistress of Karess, Sapphire Trader, etc.

Serpentfolk Names

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