Southern Continent

Pantheons of the Sundered Isles and Sudenland

  • New Order
  • Oni
  • Pharonic

Modern Nations of the South and West
Kingdom of Mu
Thule Conclave

We are the people of the storm, the riders of lightning, who dance the thunderstep. We are the heirs of the west, slayers of the Teotl, first of mankind.

Timeline of the South, Long Night and Teotl War
(This history section makes no reference to the Gods, who played their roles in heaven and earth, it focuses on the mortal races, and their actions and the results)
• Prior to the Teotl War Four distinct human groups lived on the Southern Continent and Continent of Mists. These groups were the Teotl who lived along the tail and in the valleys of the spine. The Shison, who lived in the jungles and savanah along the landbridge between the Northern and Southern Continent. The Irapan who lived in the deserts and mires along the bulge. The Mistlanders of the Continent of Mist and it’s ever growth forests, who were already dying to their great plague.
• The Teotl, experiencing a cultural revolution, begin raiding and attacking the settlements of the Rhinomen, Serpentfolk, and wandering goat tribes of Africanus; and doing the same to the human kingdoms of the southern Lowlands. These raids last for centuries. The Teotl grow rich on their plunder, and begin adapting and developing technologies and experience several cultural revolutions, changing from a relatively peaceful agrarian society to a warlike culture.
• Teotl raids turn to conquest and slaughter. Over decades and centuries Shison and Irapaho ethnic groups are absorbed or destroyed. Amazons and Toadmen are cleansed from the Southern Continent.
• Teotl presence on Africanus and the Lowlands increase. Council races begin to fall as “lesser races” (Jotun, Orcs, Goatmen) war upon them in centuries of strife. Rhinomen Empire destroyed, Thutmose scatter after being driven off the Southern Continent.
• Southlanders arrive from the isles of the west. A race of barbarians clad in iron and carrying ferocious clubs and cruel blades. They paint their faces blue and red, and their helmets show viscous horns and leering faces. They rage a holy war against the Teotl. Keshian Hordes and Midland warlords begin attacking Teotl on the North-South land bridge. Goblins take and fortify the Bildges forever dividing the Northern and Southern Continents. After several years of conflict Teotl are exterminated/absorbed into the Southlanders. Several Teotl Kingdoms and Armies on Africanus survive the purges eventually becoming the Azlanti.
• Victorious Southlanders form the Shogunate, a continent spanning all land of the Southern Continent and much of the South Eastern Sundered Archipeligo.

The Shogunate, Early Age of Heroes

In theory the Shogunate was the single mightiest nation in recorded human history. It controlled nearly the entirety of the Southern Continent, and all of the land North-South Landbridge below the bildges. Though its population was spread thin, they still outnumbered any rival kingdom or empire several times over. Even Mighty Levia is but a pale shadow of the realm of the Taikun. Yet, for all its wealth, pomp, and power the Shogunate played only a small role on the world stage. Its murderous energy was forever focused inward. Constantly rocked by religious schisms as their oni pantheon merged into the New Order, civil wars were common, broken only by sporadic and shaky peace which inevitably returned to civil war.

Warring States and the Arrival of the Dwarves, Orcs, and Serpentfolk

At the time of the Migrations, the Shogunate was in truth over eighty separate countries all squabbling for the throne with hundreds more small splinter states that were part of the vast nation in name only. Goblins jokingly called the country the “sick old man of the south.”
The great empire then fell to the various outside forces, as its own Lords and armies fought each other. Though there were periods of hope for humanity in the age of heroes, glorious victories, moments when it seemed the Shogunate would survive and drive the invaders from the lands, as the dust settled and the Migrations ended only three nations remain that trace their heritage to the Shogunate. The Kingdom of Mu, The Thule Conclave, and the Hidden Villages of Lemuria.

Modern Geography
• The Kingdom of Mu is comprised of thousands of Islands loosely north west of the Southern Continent.
• The Thule Conclave is the largest human nation actually on the Southern Continent. It hugs the Western Coast, and reaches toward the land bridges. Sometimes it is called the Kingdom of Rivers by Goblins.
• Lemuria sprawls across the southern coast, a long narrow strip of mountainous land along the Southern Sea. Across a narrow channel is the Continent of Mists. A land of secrets and assassins.
• Orc tribes dominate the North-South Land bridge.
• Serpentfolk rule the heartlands unopposed. Their various courts ruling the deserts, jungles, and badlands.
• The Spine is ruled by the Dwarf Empire.
• The tail is technically claimed by the Dwarven City of Redwater Gate, however after repeatedly squabbling with various goblins making landings for supplies and scavenging, the Queen eventually agreed to allow goblin ports to be constructed, so long as they paid her a regular tribute. (It says something about the psychology of the dwarves and goblins, that dwarves will fight and die to be able to claim land on a map and plant their flag, while Goblins are completely willing to pay a miniscule tribute and do some bowing and scraping to not have to fight for land they could probably rule if they really tried.)

Southern Continent

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